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Coalition for a Sustainable Agricultural Workforce

CSAW was formed in 2009 in response to the growing body of data which documented a significant demand over the next decade, well in excess of the predicted supply, for relevantly trained students that would enter the workforce in agricultural and food-related jobs. The documentation not only came from government studies and commissions, such as the National Academies, but also from the government agencies and industries that would be hiring the bulk of the workers. The goal of the coalition is to bring together the expertise and perspectives of the members of the scientific societies who do the training as well as the industry leaders who hire many of the students to generate a dialogue, research and share findings on current trends, and suggest strategies to bring the best and brightest young students into food and ag science related careers and for garnering increased support for relevant training programs.

Read an overview of CSAW’s perspectives on the current situation and key areas that need to be addressed.